Acorns - Reception
Summer Term
So we are well into the swing of our learning during the Summer term and the children are thriving!

Our Topic this half term is 'Are carrots orange?'. We have been doing a lot of work on healthy eating and hygiene and looking after ourselves inside and out.

We have been creating our own fruit characters; we have had a Banana Princess, a Kiwi race car and an Orange that became a person. The children then told an adult their story while the adult wrote it down, capturing all the fabulous story language.

We have tried lots of fruits and described how they feel, taste, smell. Some children even tried an avocado, which is something I wasn't brave enough to try, I have a real thing with food textures!

We currently have caterpillars in class and are enjoying watching them get fatter and fatter. They are now getting into position for the next stage of their life cycle.

This term is full of learning opportunities to capture the children skills in the Early Learning Goals and trying to ensure all children are as well prepared as they can be for the rest of their school journey.