Geography Curriculum


In Early Years, Geography is closely linked to other subject areas through an overarching topic. Children are encouraged to think about their immediate community, local area and the people within it.

In Key stage 1, children begin to learn about seasonal changes, local and global climates and how these affect the people and animals that live within them. Children develop their observational skills and are encouraged to use simple fieldwork to study the school and school grounds, plus the surrounding environment. Children begin to compare contrasting areas in the UK and abroad.

At Key Stage 2 work is designed to provide a growing awareness of geographical facts and the development of concepts. Learning is focused on European countries and natural events such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. By the time children reach Year 4 they are able to apply their previous learning to specific geographical studies, including cities and rivers around the world. They use atlases, globes with confidence to locate countries, describe their features and support their geographical enquiries.