Art and DT

Meppershall Art & DT Three I Statement
Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith.
Romans 12:6
At Meppershall Academy we want to inspire, engage and challenge children to be artistic in their own unique way. We give children the freedom to express themselves and explore this sense of creatively through a range of materials, techniques and processes. Our Art and D.T curriculum is interwoven into our cross curricular topics providing a real purpose for creative projects.
Art and D.T skills and knowledge are taught with a focus on progression. This includes a variety of opportunities which include drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, collage and textiles. Individual and collaborative learning experiences enable children to explore, design and plan their outcomes. Children are also given opportunities to be taught by art specialists from our Trust partner Henlow Church of England Academy.
Key stage 1 Pupils will be taught:
  • to use a range of materials creatively to design and make products
  • to use drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination
  • to develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space
  • about the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, and making links to their own work.

Key Stage 2 Pupils will be taught:
  • to develop their techniques, including their control and their use of materials, with creativity, experimentation and an increasing awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design.
  • to improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials [for example, pencil, charcoal, paint, clay]
  • about great artists, architects and designers in history.
Children at Meppershall Academy have the understanding and confidence to discuss great art and artists in detail sharing their own opinion and reasoning as well as the techniques that the artist used. The celebration of children’s work and effort is a natural part of school life. Pupils of all abilities experience success and know that their work is valued. Children’s work is displayed throughout the school in classrooms and public areas. Skills progression and knowledge is monitored by the subject lead termly.
Curriculum Overview
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