Meppershall PE Three I Statement
'What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me— practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.' 
Philipians 4:9
We believe that Physical Education should be an integral part of the curriculum for all children in our school. We recognise that there are many benefits of PE for our pupils and we wish for our lessons to inspire a love of physical activity and sport that enables them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Through a wide range of quality activities our children will progressively learn skills that they can adapt with knowledge and understanding to different challenges and environments. We aim for all children to enjoy physical activity and to be motivated to learn and rise to new challenges. Children will learn new skills individually and as part of a team where the core values of perseverance, resilience, respect and being fair play an integral role in lessons and sports competitions. Lessons are adapted so that they are fully inclusive and pupils can learn with appropriate challenge and equipment relevant to their need. They will become much more self-confident in their ability to play, perform and compete and will be supportive and encouraging to others. Many of the personal development skills that the children encounter through regular PE lessons are then continued into other areas of the curriculum.
Our children will study modules including: Games, Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics and in KS2: swimming. We currently follow the Val Sabin Primary Physical Education scheme and a longterm plan has been developed from this so that pupils continuously improve their skills. Further opportunities to develop physical skills are offered through after-school clubs and by sign-posting our pupils to clubs and sport in the wider community.
Our Early Years Foundation class has a wide range of physical and outdoor activities available for the children on a daily basis. In addition to this they will have approximately 40 minutes of specified PE curriculum.
Both KS1 and KS2 will receive 2 hours of quality PE in two sessions. Lesson structure for all year groups include a warm up, an introduction to the main activity where the lesson objective is shared with the children, development of skills and a cool down session. Opportunities to enhance this each term will be provided through our link to the Redborne Sports Partnership where pupils will be encouraged to take part in individual and group challenges, competing against themselves and other schools in the locality. This can take the form of an inter-school competition at a venue outside school or a virtual challenge which takes place within the school. Active play-times and lunch-times are encouraged and lunch-time staff have been trained in a range of playground games and each class is well-resourced with a range of play equipment.
KS2 pupils are also given the chance to improve their cycling skills with a Bikeability workshop where they are taught by an expert how to cycle correctly. A chance to take part in Outdoor and Adventurous activities is provided through our PGL residential trip in Year 4.
Some pupils in Year 4 are given the opportunity to train as Sports Leaders. They then promote and encourage other pupils in the school to be active at play-time and lunch-time by arranging games and activities. They also play an integral role in setting up and supporting in -school competitions such as Sports Day and other sports challenges.
We encourage our pupils to be more active beyond the school day by promoting clubs in the wider community and encouraging active travel to school. We currently have a Street tag team which is regularly promoted to encourage active family time outside of school and where we compete against other local schools.
Health and safety awareness will be an integral part of children’s learning in PE. Children are taught how to use equipment appropriately and with thought for their actions towards others. Teachers model appropriate dress and clothes for physical activity and pupils come to school in their PE kit on the day of their lessons to provide maximum learning time.
The fundamental impact of our PE curriculum will be apparent through the children’s own participation in and enjoyment of sporting activities and their increased level of fitness. Evidence of developing personal skills such as resilience, respect and perseverance will be demonstrated in sports lessons and transferred to other areas of the curriculum. Individuals and teams which take part in competition against other schools will achieve personal and collective success. In lessons, children will be assessed against the National Curriculum and by using the detailed assessment sheets provided for each area of study in the Val Sabin programme. From this, teachers will be able to assess pupil progress and plan further skills practise. Monitoring of this subject is carried out by the Subject Leader and includes learning walks, informal lesson observations and regular discussion with staff about good practice in PE and areas for development.
Curriculum Overview
Progression of Skills
PE Enrichment:
Thursday after school Football provided by Mid Beds Futsal will start again after February Half Term.
Upcoming events:
Bikeability Years 3 and 4 Date TBA
Boccia and Kurling Festival on Friday 1st December
Completed Events
KS1 Multiskills Event at Henlow Academy