English - Phonics

Phonics is at the heart of our English curriculum, and children start the building blocks from day one, developing phonological awareness and skills. We follow the Department for Education’s recommended approach: Letters and Sounds. This is a detailed and systematic programme from Reception to Year 2, split into 6 phases teaching knowledge of graphemes and phonemes (letters and sounds), and the skills of how to decode them (reading) and how to blend them (writing). We use Essential letters and Sounds (ELS) as our scheme of work. This is a highly quality scheme devised by The English Hub and approved by the DfE.

Essential Letters and Sounds Information.

Click here for ideas and scroll down to the video to find out each sound should be pronounced.
Help for Parents
For any help and advice about your child's learning we would encourage you to speak to their class teacher. Please also see the following documents you may find useful.