Meppershall Computing Three I Statement
"In Jerusalem he made machines, invented by skillful men, to be on the towers and the corners, to shoot arrows and great stones."
2 Chronicles 26:15
We believe that our pupils need to be taught the skills to enable them to participate in a world which requires understanding of increasing and adapting technological advances. In our setting it is vital that each pupil has opportunities to access appropriate computing resources in an equal and relevant manner. Our delivery of computing aims to ensure that pupils become digitally literate at a level suitable. We aim to enable our students to become active participants in a digital world.
At Meppershall Church of England Academy, computing is taught as a discrete subject in Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 following a set of progressive lessons. Our subscription to Purple Mash provides lesson plans, a wide range of age-appropriate software and allows the children to explore the computing curriculum in a fun and creative way. Lessons include coding, spreadsheets, effective searching, email, simulations and animation. Additional computing opportunities are provided across the curriculum, particularly during topic lessons. In the Foundation Stage children are taught basic skills such as logging on and mouse control and explore with simple software. There is also an opportunity to use programmable equipment such as Beebots. A bank of laptops is centrally stored in a mobile unit which can then be taken to each classroom. There is a continued focus throughout each term on teaching children how to ‘stay safe’ online and the importance of personal responsibilities when using email and social media to communicate with others.
Our pupils will become confident users of technology, able to use it in a variety of ways both at home and at school. They will know how to be safe when using the internet, responsible in their use of social media and carry these skills forward into their future lives. Assessment of the children’s work is ongoing, using the assessment platform provided by Purple Mash, and
Curriculum Overview
Progression of Skills
Useful Links for Parents
For any help and advice about your child's learning we would encourage you to speak to their class teacher. Please also see the following links that you may find useful.
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